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Keep your possessions in a controlled-access mini-storage facility. We are conveniently located close to your home or business, offer great rates and specials, and you will always receive service with a smile.

Storage bins start at $50/month that are approximately 5’ x 5’. Bins as large as 8’ x 10’ rent for $180/month. Ask about our great rates and if we are offering any specials.

Storage is open to non-residents too; just give us a call with any questions!

Mention this ad and receive $5 off the price of a bin for up to one full year (with a 3-month minimum rental).


Storage Procedures


  1. Use only one personal lock on each storage bin;
  2. Ensure all doors to the storage facility are closed tightly behind you after use;
  3. Do not store any items in the storage facility that can spoil or leave stagnant smells;
  4. Information regarding insurance for your items in storage is always available in the Management Office. If you chose not to purchase storage insurance but later reconsider, please let us know and we can provide you with contact information for a company that we recommend. The Management Office is not responsible for any damage done to your items while in the storage facility;
  5. We have several hand trucks in the building that can be borrowed when available by providing a photo ID;
  6. Payment is due on the 1st of any given month. During use you will not receive a bill. You will automatically be charged a $15 late fee per bin every month if we have not received your payment by the 5th of each month;
  7. If your use exceeds past the 5th of any given month you will be required to pay for the entire month, regardless of time used;
  8. Please be sure to keep us updated with your contact information and any changes to it;
  9. There is a $25 charge to replace any lost data chip, which will need to be paid prior to receiving access to the storage facility;
  10. There will be a $50 lock-cutting fee, due prior to cutting the lock, if keys or combination to personal lock is lost. Please note that lock cuttings must be scheduled in advance and are only offered during regular business hours;
  11. If you miss more than one payment or are late by more than 30 days with payment for the storage unit, your data chip will be deactivated and your bin will be seized until payment is collected in full, including all late fees.
  12. When moving items in and out of storage be sure to set up a Service Elevator reservation. Reservations are made only during office hours and do not exceed one 45-minute block per day.

A storage Performance Deposit equal to one-month’s rent is required at the beginning of your storage contract. This will be returned to you provided the unit is left empty and in good condition at the end of your use. We would prefer to establish this during a move-out inspection while you are present.

Please be sure to let Taft Management know when your use of the bin is no longer needed.


  1. Schedule an appointment with management for use of the elevator & a move-out inspection of the storage bin(s);
  2. Ensure all items are removed from the storage facility and each bin is clean and undamaged;
  3. Remove personal lock(s);
  4. Make any final payment(s);
  5. Turn in data chip;
  6. Ensure office is up-to-date with contact information;
  7. Receive storage Performance Deposit check back from management.