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The Sun Always Shines at the Taft


Michelle was the best! Incredibly helpful and responsive. I honestly can’t say enough about how wonderful she is.

Victoria P.


Michelle is very nice, kind, and helpful at all times. I really enjoyed my stay here.

Ahmed F.


Michelle was so helpful and kind. She went above and beyond for us.

Asif U.


Michelle, Shay, and Scott were absolutely incredible to me the whole time I lived here.

George V.


Michelle was extremely responsive to emails and very helpful throughout my time at Yale.

Magd L.


Scott was an incredible property manager. He always went above and beyond to be helpful. I hope he knows how much the tenants appreciate him. My experience was wonderful! Thank you for two great years.

Amanda Z.


Scott was the most helpful member of management I’ve ever experienced, not only at the Taft but anywhere.

Sophia S.


Angel, Scott, and the rest of the team in the office were always polite and helpful.

Annely G.


Scott went above and beyond to solve problems and answer questions.

Jeffrey L.


Scott was very helpful and approachable. Really great service, my experience was genuine and pleasant.

Adrian R.


Scott always acted very pleasantly and professionally. Always got back with questions I posed. Carefully and politely explained things and was most helpful! I highly praise him.

Linda U.


My entire stay was very comfortable. The best rental place in New Haven.

Azza A.


Scott and Michelle were always helpful. The whole staff is great, never had such great service.

Margaret H.


Scott and Michelle are absolutely a joy to know and to work with. Ed and Montrel are fantastic and like family to all residents. My year at the Taft will never be forgotten. A fantastic experience!

Andy W.


Michelle Figueroa was very kind and supportive before arriving, during my stay and after leaving.

Ricardo H.


Everyone was awesome! Loved my time at the Taft. Scott and Chelly were great.

Alex L.


The whole team was cheerful and helpful.

Rhys B.


My son loved his home at the Taft Apartments for the last three years while attending Yale Medical School and hopes to be back in a couple years. You and your team were very professional and extremely helpful in his move from San Francisco to The Taft Apartments. His packages were signed and there for him. Any maintenance request was handled professionally and very timely. I very much appreciate you working with us on his move out date. Thank you for providing excellent service and I would highly recommend The Taft Apartments.



Each staff member was excellent, especially security guards! Always smiling and friendly.

Autumn G.


Been living at the Taft for almost 4 years, and it's still a great place to live. Great area, great staff, responsive maintenance, and a reasonable price.

Austin C.


After having lived in a European city for over 10 years, I naturally gravitated to the Taft. Why? For me, I appreciate the history of the building that "old world feeling" that you get as you enter the Grand Lobby with the Tiffany dome above. Its an amazing space! In addition, I love the location. Feeling lonely? Just walk outside The Taft and into a world of animated energy - of people walking or riding their bikes or people standing in groups talking. There is always something to see and do just outside The Taft's doors. And, I never take for granted the friendly and helpful staff, the respectful nature of the residents, the cleanliness of the building and the responsiveness of the maintenance crew.

Lindsey M.


The Taft is a fantastic apartment building. Central downtown location within walking distance of numerous restaurants, bars, and amenities. Friendly and attentive staff make sure everything is on point. A beautiful entrance lobby welcomes guests and residents to the history of the Taft apartment building.

Dan C.


I have lived at the Taft Apartments for 6 years and I have been very content. The staff are super friendly, the building is clean and safe, and is located in downtown New Haven. Any sort of maintenance request is completed very quickly -- same day service! The apartments are large and spacious and lots of natural light.



The Taft has really impressed me. Firstly, the staff is fantastic and very responsive. Secondly, the location is excellent; close to everything you could want. Lastly, the community here is great; most of the neighbors are very friendly.

Faris V.


I currently live in the Taft Apartments and it is quite a pleasant place to live. I am located near several prime restaurants, galleries, bars, and the Yale University campus. I have had absolutely no problem with noise, even on busy weekend nights. The staff is very respectful and prompt in replying to any inquiries. I highly recommend this apartment complex.

Eric M.


The Taft Apartments are wonderful. I've lived here for a year now and haven't regretted it for an instant. The staff is wonderful and the location is quite literally perfect...I have had a few maintenance issues - but all have been courteously fixed within 24 hours. Definitely the best apartment building in New Haven. The two bedroom apartments are absolutely the best value if you're splitting with a roommate.

Tyler C.


"The entire team.....Scott and Rachel made my stay comfortable"

Ralph M.


Dear Scott Many thanks to you & your staff for making my time at The Taft very comfortable & enjoyable - & for always being available whenever I've had any queries. I've had a great time living & working in the USA & look forward to returning someday soon. Cheers,

Nick S


Dear Scott and Taft Staff, Thank you for your hard work to make Taft my home for the past two years. Your dedication is appreciated. Best, Bekim J.


Dear Scott & Jason, Just a small note to thank you both for all the help and friendly chatter you gave Mary & me during our stay in 3M (not to mention the candy – another month I’d have become obese!) Each of you was always “there” for just a quiet wave and a simple hand when we needed it, help and advice. Two upbeat guys working hard and enjoying their jobs – nice to see. Thank you so much! We’ll be dropping by to say hello on our way to Amy and her family. Remember: cut me of at 4 pieces of candy! All the best,

Mary & David


The Taft Staff, Thank you for your kindest of words & thoughts. You are my friend & family & I am grateful for all you do for me. There are members of the staff that have moved on and I will always fondly remember them as well. My world now is here at the Taft where I am happiest & want always to be. You - each and every one of you contribute to making my life happy each day. I humbly say thank you,



Thank you for all the help and friendly service this year! The few months I’ve spent here have been nicer than any other building I’ve ever lived in and I look forward to 2009! Happy holidays, and have a great new year. Thanks,



Dear Scott, Brian, Joel, Greg, Noah, and James, Thank you so much for all of your hard work and help this year. You guys are truly the best and we really appreciate your kindness and willingness to help us with any problem that came our way. Sincerely,

Zoe and Mia


Dear Scott, I received my cheque today. Thank you so much for all of your assistance during my year at Yale. Many thanks again,



Dear Tafters, I’m going to miss seeing you everyday. It’s become such a pleasant routine! Thank you for everything. This has been a great place to live & you are all wonderful. Love,



Jason: Thanks for taking Hector and I around on Wednesday. Best of luck there. I appreciate you taking the time to give us the tour. Thanks very much,



On behalf of myself, the staff of Hot Tomato's and all our contractors we would like to extend a special thank you to Lisa and the entire staff at the Taft Apartments for all their help during the construction of the Hot Tomato's Restaurant. Lisa was very helpful and supportive during the build out and I feel that Lisa and her staff went far beyond the call of duty during the build out. Lisa and her staff helped us arrange contractors, made extra space available to us, helped clean up after us, provided all manner of logistical support, spent time with contractors unfamiliar with building, and smoothed residents’ complaints regarding noise and dust. Lisa also helped us with the contacts at City Hall that were most useful in moving the project in the right direction. Furthermore, all the extra effort was unsolicited and gladly given. I thank you and Lisa, Greg, Angel and the rest of your courteous staff and would like to extend an invitation for them to enjoy lunch on me at Hot Tomato's as a small gesture of our appreciation, Sincerely,

Thomas A.


On behalf of the International Festival of Arts and Ideas, thank you once again for all of your support and cooperation. Being able to distribute our brochures and flyers at the Taft Apartments worked out wonderfully. I can only hope that next year we will be able to do more. It was a pleasure working with you. With much gratitude and many well wishes

Sarah B.


Thanks again for making my stay (and subsequent storage use) at the Taft convenient and enjoyable. Best,

Simeon P.


Thank you for looking after me for the last 4 years. I really enjoyed my stay at the Taft.



I enjoyed immensely my few years at the Taft. It was a wonderful place to live, all the more wonderful because of the thoughtfulness and attentiveness of the management and staff. My days at the Taft were among my happiest and I thank you again.


Ryan K.


Thank you for all the help and friendly service this year! The few months I’ve spent here have been nicer than at any other buildings I’ve lived in and I look forward to 2009! Happy holidays and have a great new year! Thanks

Rejeev M.


Thanks for taking such good care of Megan; she has really enjoyed her apartment at the Taft. Megan has commented on how friendly and helpful everyone at the Taft has been during her stay with you-wishes she could rent with you next year. Thank you again-its so nice seeing management take on a friendlier mood!

O. J.


I’d like to tell you how much I enjoyed leasing an apartment at the Taft. I have leased from many communities throughout the country, and can honestly say staying at the Taft was the best of these experiences. My apartment and the building common facilities were always in great condition, my maintenance needs (which were rare) were met immediately, and every member of the Taft staff, especially yourself, Ms. Weinstein, Connie, Dick, and Tim, was professional and helpful at all times. I will happily refer all my friends in the Connecticut area to the Taft.Thank you again and keep up the good work. Sincerely

Nayer K., MD


We wanted to thank you for being helpful throughout our stay at the Taft Apartments. Even before we arrived, your professionalism and courtesy was apparent and welcome. We had thought that finding a good apartment would be difficult from France, but you went out of your way to make the process manageable by responding very quickly to all our questions, sending us pictures of numerous apartments and making the paperwork painless. Your friendliness, helpfulness and responsiveness made us confident in choosing the apartment sight-unseen from overseas and were a large part of out decision to rent from Taft Apartments, as we were sure that any place that had such a good manager would be an excellent place to live. After our arrival you efficiently and skillfully took care of all our requests, going above and beyond time and time again. You intelligently and quickly solved any problem and went out of your way to be helpful. If, for example, you saw one of us in the lobby and knew that we had a package waiting for us, you flagged us down to give it to us. Because you ran the Taft Apartments so well, it was a pleasure to live here and we heartily recommend the building to all of our New Haven friends. We have never interacted with a better apartment manager than you, or for that matter a better manager in any capacity. We wish you well. Thank you. Warm regards,

Martin & Caroline


My daughter recently terminated her stay at the Taft Apartments in New Haven. She had been there for almost two years while attending Yale University. During the time Katherine lived at the Taft, we had numerous contacts with Scott Ferguson and Beth regarding everything from maintenance issues to departure dates and access to others while she was in California. I want to commend both of these individuals for the very professional and efficient responses to all of our requests. Their expertise in handling each and every one of our issues made Katherine’s stay at the Taft a pleasant experience. Very truly yours

Laureen K.


Many thanks for the birthday card-a pleasant surprise. Your thoughtfulness is much appreciated ! Sincerely

Linda M.


We would like to wish you Happy Holidays. It is a pleasure to live here at the Taft. Keep up the good work!

Kinert & Didi


Enclosed please find the set of keys for my apartment. Thank you so much for all your assistance and fine management during Jennifer’s three year stay. Thanks again

Jeane A.


It is my pleasure to inform you that I had the best experience with your leasing employees and then all your maintenance staff. Beth and Scott are incredibly helpful and have made living at the Taft a wonderful experience. Every time I needed repairs, Amos couldn’t be more helpful and respectful. And for the rest of the staff, Javier, Angel, Wilson and others; they couldn’t be more pleasant. I thank them for making my difficult move to New Haven a very pleasant one. Sincerely,

Francesca G.


I just wanted to thank the both of you for making my and Liz’s two years at the Taft nothing short of perfect. I am so miserably sad to have moved out but I will always think of my time at the Taft with the utmost fondness and I will miss you both dearly. I promise to come and visit, but until then-take care and have a great summer! Always,

Greta C.


Thank you for all of your help in Mary’s apartment situation. You have been a “class act” from the beginning when you and I made our deal verbally over the phone! You have been a pleasure to work with and I appreciate that. By now you have received that fax I sent concerning the lease. I hope that I put down the correct date (for the 60 day notice). Change it if you need to! Once again thank you. Mary has given your name to refer other people who are moving to the New Haven area. I hope too that our paths will cross again some day!

Diane L.


Thank you so much for your generous support of the MDA. I couldn’t have done it without you! Best,



Thank you so much for the wonderful years at the Taft! Your friendliness and help throughout the years truly made this the best place we could have lived during the hectic years of law school. All the best,

Caroline and Nick


Just a note to thank you for being responsive and accommodating on the numerous occasions that I needed your assistance. I have lived in various apartment complexes and the Taft Management Group has been the most “tenant friendly” team in my experience!!! Thank you and good luck

Ashutosh K.


I really want to express my thanks again for all your hospitality and help last week when I was in town to write about the making of the Indiana Jones movie. I was very grateful to you that my photographer had such a choice vantage spot to view the goings on below, and I felt New Haven that day having the most breathtaking views I’ve ever had. I hope we can stay in touch. I’d very much like to come back and find a time to take you to lunch - at Hot Tomato's or anywhere else in New Haven! Regards,

A. Cowan